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Ready your organization with 24/7/365 network surveillance.

Available only from Sage Data Security, nDiscovery provides independent security information analysis of your network logs from highly-trained cybersecurity experts. With over a decade of experience, we continually improve our methodology based on the latest threat intelligence. That means unauthorized access, malware, and suspicious activities are quickly detected and can be easily acted on. Continue scrolling to learn more about nDiscovery’s benefits.



Strengthen Your Security Team with a Dedicated Expert

With nDiscovery, a security expert familiar with your environment transforms your network event logs from generic threat data into specific actionable intelligence. The log review process can be painstaking and difficult. Our nDiscovery Log Analysts are highly trained, street-smart, and knowledgeable about the latest cybercrime practices that can target your organization.

Let us do all the hard work for you – with the utmost accuracy and a proactive, systematic approach. You'll save substantial time and money every day, allowing you to concentrate on your core business without costly specialized personnel.


Stop Incidents from Becoming Breaches with Actionable Intelligence

With nDiscovery you will know when someone is threatening your network - whether from a hacker, malicious criminal, or internal user with unauthorized access. Our proprietary methodology combines signature, behavioral, and contextual analysis with extensive treat intelligence. This collaborative model delivers accurate detection and rapid response through real-time alerts and daily forensic reports.

You will get clear visibility into network events and potential security breaches with the easy-to-use nDiscovery Portal, providing alerts and recommendations in language you can understand and act on quickly… before a loss occurs.

Simplify Compliance with Examiner-Friendly Reporting

At the heart of every information security regulation – including GLBA and HIPAA – is the requirement to monitor for malicious or inadvertent at risk activity. nDiscovery can take the burden of daily log analysis off your team. We mine billions of daily log events – then publish a daily report that documents at risk activity and provides response guidance. All of this rolls up into an examiner-friendly monthly report.

nDiscovery is the comprehensive, cost-effective way for you to comply with your regulatory obligations and meet your fiduciary responsibility to customers and shareholders. No wonder auditors love it!


With nDiscovery, Sage has helped us take control of our network and be proactive instead of reactive to issues. They are thorough, intelligent, persistent, and great to work with. I trust them to help us keep our assets as safe as possible.

Lisa Roy, Chief Technology Officer, Maine Maritime Academy

By contracting with Sage, I have professionals who are experts monitoring my network, allowing my staff to concentrate on the customer service aspect of supporting end users and applications.

Christina St. Pierre, IT Director, Maine Municipal Association

Real-time alerting of network events with nAlert

nAlert + nDiscovery allows you to maximize the use of your network’s system logs.  Real-time alerting plus forensic log analysis combine to provide the best method for independent, outsourced security information event management.

  • Real-time alerting of network events
  • Logs collected every 5 minutes
  • Alerts sent via e-mail or text
  • Fully customizable set of alert signatures
  • Fully customizable list of alert recipients
  • 24/7 coverage of network activity
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How does nDiscovery work?

  • With no agents or on-site hardware, raw log data is captured from all network logging devices 24/7 and securely transmitted to our SOC every 5 minutes.
  • Events are programmatically reviewed - if an event triggers a threshold you receive an nAlert notification through email or text.
  • Daily log files are analyzed by a dedicated Sage Security Expert familiar with your environment - they  transform the output from generic threat data into specific actionable intelligence. 
  • Daily reports include questions, alerts, and remediation recommendations - plus all findings are summarized in a monthly report, archived and searchable via the nDiscovery Portal.

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ page.

  • The nDiscovery Portal
    Secure, detailed reporting is accessible to you all day, every day through the nDiscovery web portal. Scroll to see what this comprehensive and collaborative security log analysis tool includes.
  • nDiscovery Login: Access the nDiscovery portal each day to download your daily report. We also provide quick tips here, alerting you to information we think you should be aware of.
  • nDiscovery Dashboard
    nDiscovery Dashboard: This is a quick view of activity within your nDiscovery portal. It will show you if reports have been accessed, any open or closed questions, plus any nDiscovery notification from the past 30 days.
  • Firewall Events Dashboard
    Firewall Events Dashboard: This is a visual representation of potential malware events and the number of infections or potential infections over the previous few days. Bandwidth details and VPN activity is also reported here.
  • Windows Security Events Dashboard
    Windows Security Events Dashboard: This gives you a quick view into administration events occurring on your network. You can see invalid account login sources, failed admin logins, and user management activities from the past few days.
  • Reports Dashboard
    Reports Dashboard: This is where you download your daily and monthly reports. It features a calendar of all reports for the current month, indicating when they were read and by whom.
  • nDiscovery Items
    nDiscovery Items: This page highlights issues that require your attention and recommended next steps. You can document action taken here. All is included in your monthly report, and is saved indefinitely in the nDiscovery Items History section.
  • Questions Portal
    Questions Page: Questions about network and user behavior are asked and answered here. This info helps your nDiscovery analyst learn what is normal, acceptable and expected within your environment, and allows us to enhance the customized code-based inspection process.
  • Communications Portal
    Communications Portal: You can contact the nDiscovery team securely right from the portal via its secure messaging feature, shown here. With nDiscovery, you always have direct access to the person monitoring your network.

The Key to Cyber Threat Detection - Log Analysis Guide Download

Learn how log analysis can help you protect your information assets and detect network threats.  Our informative Log Analysis Guide will walk you through the basics of log analysis - why it matters, what it can tell you, and how to do it. You’ll also learn about the five important aspects of a successful log analysis process.