The Benefits of nDiscovery

Discovering incidents before they become breaches with human expertise and the latest threat intelligence.


Data Collection

With no agents or on-site hardware, raw log data is captured from all network logging devices 24/7 and securely transmitted to the Sage SOC every 5 minutes.


Real-time Alerting

Events are programmatically reviewed - if an event matches a signature, you receive an nAlert notification immediately in real-time.


Human Analysis

Your dedicated nDiscovery team analyzes the data for each 24 hour log cycle, and transforms the output into specific actionable intelligence.



Daily reports including alerts and remediation recommendations are posted, archived, and searchable via your secure online nDiscovery portal, and summarized in a monthly report.

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What our nDiscovery Clients are Saying


“Sage has a team of consummate professionals who take the time to learn your environment and consistently communicate with you. Just today our nDiscovery specialist reached out to us not once, but twice, to communicate some changes to our environment he noticed. You don’t get that level of care with an automated system.”

Bret Yarrison, Director of IT Infrastructure,



"With nDiscovery, Sage has helped us take control of our network and be proactive instead of reactive to issues. They are thorough, intelligent, persistent, and great to work with. I trust them to help us keep our assets as safe as possible."

Lisa Roy, Chief Technology Officer,

Maine Maritime Academy


nDiscovery’s ability to identify potentially malicious IP addresses provided a crucial piece that was missing from our internal monitoring process. Installation of the service was simple and the reports are easy to read. nDiscovery has been a great addition to our cybersecurity program.”

Garrett Henry, VP, Information Technology Officer,

Franklin Savings Bank


"By contracting with Sage, I have professionals who are experts monitoring my network, allowing my staff to concentrate on the customer service aspect of supporting end users and applications."

Christina St. Pierre, IT Director,

Maine Municipal Association

nDiscovery delivers threat detection powered by human intelligence at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Review our subscription pricing and see how we compare.


Human Intelligence: The nDiscovery Difference

Most solutions that detect network threats are completely automated. nDiscovery is entirely different. Meaningful cybersecurity cannot be conducted by algorithm alone. That’s why we have REAL people doing the detective work...the log analysis that gives a true picture of what’s going on. Here’s how we’re different.


Security Expertise

We’re 100% focused on security and bring that expertise to your team. Log analysis can be overwhelming. It takes time and attention to stay on top of the ever-changing threat environment. We take this task off your list, and allow you to focus on what’s really important.

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Cross-Industry & Cross-Organization Pattern Detection

Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated. We leverage intelligence gained from working with everyone from financial institutions to healthcare, allowing us to detect new threats before automated tools even know they exist... and with better awareness than your internal team.

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Independent Oversight

We relieve your team of the burden of daily log analysis and provide you with the necessary segregation of duties to ensure accuracy. It’s a comprehensive, cost-effective way for you to comply with your regulatory obligations.

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Actionable Intelligence

In addition to real-time alerts 24 / 7, you get a daily report with specific actionable intelligence and recommendations to mitigate any vulnerabilities. Plus you can pick up the phone and your nDiscovery specialist will be there to provide support and answer questions.

Go to Video: Why human intelligence is essential for consistent data breach detection >>

Check out our entire library of videos where our nDiscovery team shares lessons learned from their vast experience analyzing event logs and detecting potential threats.


The Key to Cyber Threat Detection - Log Analysis Guide Download

Learn how log analysis can help you protect your information assets and detect network threats.  Our informative Log Analysis Guide will walk you through the basics of log analysis - why it matters, what it can tell you, and how to do it. You’ll also learn about the five important aspects of a successful log analysis process.


Let us take the fear and anxiety out of monitoring your network security.

Watch to see why nDiscovery is the most effective, consistent, and sensible way to counteract cybersecurity threats on your network.