Healthcare Security Readiness Program

Healthcare Breach Readiness: How does your organization compare?

healthcare-security-readiness-program.jpgIn partnership with Intel, Sage is offering healthcare organizations a complimentary and confidential security readiness workshop that will enable you to benchmark your security against the industry, and peer organizations of similar locale, type, and size. Results will shows whether you're lagging, on par, or leading the industry and peers.  

When it comes to privacy and security, breaches and ransomware are top of mind among Health and Life Sciences organizations around the world. Many ransomware attacks and breaches are untargeted, opportunistic, and tend to affect organizations that are lagging in security and relatively vulnerable. It is now more important than ever to ensure your security meets, and better yet, exceeds industry standards.

The report will give you high-quality actionable information that can be used by security teams to prioritize future security initiatives, and rally support and allocation of resources required to address gaps. Security readiness reports also show how your capabilities and gaps relate to security and privacy regulations, data protection laws, and standards, including HIPAA, NIST, PCI DSS, CIS, GDPR, ISO2700x, ISO80001, and EU MDR 2017/745. This enables you see how addressing a gap may also help with compliance.

Program Logistics

  • All health & life sciences organizations worldwide that work with sensitive patient information are eligible including providers, payers, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and business associates or data processors.
  • 1 hour workshop
  • Complimentary, confidential
  • Conducted by phone, video conferencing, or face-to-face

Program Highlights

  • Benchmark your security against peers and the industry.
  • Identify if you are lagging in security, and if so where.
  • See if you may be over or under prioritizing across 8 of the most common types of breaches.
  • Analyze how your security capabilities and gaps relate to regulations, data protection laws, and security standards.
  • Receive a multi-year action plan with recommendations to improve security.
  • Initial and quarterly reports for one year provide updates and enable tracking against plan.

For additional information, download the Healthcare Security Readiness Program Overview or CONTACT US to schedule your workshop today!

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The Sage Cybersecurity Lifecycle

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