nForensics: Digital Forensics Service

Cyber-attacks continue to evolve in scope and sophistication, and the threat of a breach is always looming.  If you experience an incident or breach, Sage can support your existing incident response team with nForensics, our scalable and cost-effective digital forensics service.

The Sage Approach

Sage's Cyber Forensics investigation will provide the technical details you need to be able to understand what happened, plan remediation, and enhance your existing controls in order to minimize the likelihood of a similar incident happening in the future.

Our approach ensures that the entire process has precision, accuracy, integrity, and is defensible.

Our services include:

  • Expert analysis of evidence, including deleted data.
  • Documented chain of custody for each step of forensic examination.
  • Detailed reports.



No one is immune to cyber-attacks

Preventative security controls are not enough to protect you in today’s ever-expanding threat landscape. Stop a potential breach in its tracks with nDiscovery threat detection service. We find new threats before mainstream automated tools even know they exist, and with better awareness than your internal team.

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